#YouHaveControl – This video shows attaching the interchangeable pedal attachments of the Freedom Control being installed on a PA28R. if you would like to watch the same hand controls being ground tested in the Cessna 152 click here.

Our design comes with interchangeable pedal attachments so that the disabled pilot can fly a Piper or Cessna light aeroplane using the single hand control.

Hand controls for pilots with disabilities allow full rudder and steering authority on the ground and in the air, removing the need to use legs and feet. Currently, disabled pilots rely on hand controls that not only have significant design flaws but are no longer being manufactured.

Currently there are 3 older approved hand controls for disabled pilots in the UK and USA, and other places. But they are no longer being made. And therefore, limits people with lower limb disabilities to become a commander of aeroplanes. You may review the existing approval and certification document by visiting our hand control page:

In order to alter this situation and increase the opportunities for people to learn to fly Cranfield University have designed one hand control system that could work for both aeroplane types, the Piper (PA28 Cherokee, Warrior, Archer and Arrow complex retractable) and the Cessna (C152, C172, C177, 182, 210, 206, skymaster).

Having one hand control that will enable a person with disability to fly multiple aeroplane types is more efficient, offers greater variety of choice to the disabled pilot and widens the scope for where disabled people can learn to fly.

Most flying schools around the world offer pilot training in the Cessna or the Piper. The creative idea behind the new design is that it is intuitive to use and thereby more safely – employs a sideways motion to move the plane from side to side unlike the currently unavailable hand controls that pilots have to shift up and down to move the plane from side to side. The Freedom hand control is relatively inexpensive, will be considered a pilot equipment and removable after each flight, thus significantly increasing accessibility. In being portable, people can take their hand controls with them on holiday or business and be able to fly on a variety of aircraft throughout the world.

This project is a creative joint venture between the UK-based non-profit organisation Freedom in the Air and Cranfield University School of Aerospace Engineering to empower people with disabilities.

The hand control will provide a much needed – and not currently available – service. The project has already developed a proven design and has gone a long way to European EASA Certification.

The next step is to complete the test flight for certification approval and then move into manufacturing and promotion.

To find out more about our work please visit:
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Cranfield University School of Aerospace Engineering

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