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On February 23rd 2010, it was Rotary International’s birthday. It also saw the ongoing Thanks for Life / End Polio campaign here in the UK. The target is to raise more then £1 million pounds towards the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation challenge grant. Their organisation has donated US$355 million and Rotary will match it by US$200. This is an extract from BBC Radio 5 live interview which took place on February 21 st 2010. Other alliance members for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are UNICEF, WHO and the US Centres for Disease control and prevention.

The global fight to rid the world of polio, the largest public health programme in history, is said to be in its final stages. BBC World Service Newshour heard from Gautam Lewis, a British pilot and a polio campaigner who suffered from polio as a young child in India. Listen to the debate, courtesy of the BBC (25 mins 29 secs) / first broadcast 21 February 2009

Gautam was a guest on BBC Asian Network Nihal show to talk about his role in the Global campain to eradicate polio with Rotary International, focusing on India. The show also focused on his recent achievements in aviation and the history of his life. The show has an audience of 1 million.

090310124553_outlook_106x60BBC outlook with Matthew Bannister. Imagine starting life with polio in a Calcutta orphanage but growing up to work amidst the glamour of the British music industry. It seems unlikely, but Gautam Lewis is a man who did just that.