FITA #YouHaveControl – The history of British #Aviation manufacturing has been declining steadily over the past 30 years. The tragedy is that the UK, once had a great heritage and lineage in General Aviation (GA). What will inspire that change to re-engage with the wider world and showcase what “Made in Britain” really means.

Swift Aircraft exhibited a full scale model of their brand new Swift VLA for the first time at the 2013, UK Light Aircraft Association Rally. This was a very exciting development for Swift Aircraft and British Aviation in general. The stand was extremely busy as the launch of the aircraft drew excited aviators from across the UK, and the Swift Aircraft showcase held up as the highlight of the Rally.

Dave Stanbridge, Managing Director of the Swift Technology Group, attended the show for the whole weekend, together with other key members of the aviation team including Mike McLean, Paul Burton, Jon Pool, Karen Ward and Joshua McGowan.

Freedom in the Air, a unique flying school for people with disabilities attended the show, not only to learn about the light sport side of GA, but to network with the wider aviation community. The Light sport side of GA is fascinating and the costs benefits over certified aeroplanes should be explored by aviators.

Learning to fly is a way to change peoples’ lives, building confidence and re-igniting self-belief. For many people with disabilities, flying an aeroplane is empowering. People feel free, liberated from their disability with nothing to hold them back. There are no differences between disabled pilots and able-bodied pilots. In the air, everyone is equal. “If you can fly an aeroplane, then you can do anything”.

FITA produced this documentary about the new Swift, featuring all the key team members of Swift, along with Philip Hall, newly appointed CEO of the Light Aircraft Association.

Film produced by FITA for Swift Aircraft. For Further Information and to learn more about disabled pilot training, visit FITA at:

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