Welcome to Freedom in the Air. close

We need your help to change peoples lives through learning to fly. We aim to: advance aviation for people with disabilities and promote diversity. equality and community cohesion in general aviation and the wider community; And you can help us achieve these ambitious targets!

You can help us in so many ways. We depend on your donations to continue our programmatic work, and develop.

Your company can help us too. Corporate support is incredibly rewarding for your company, and supports our vital work in the UK.

The people we work with face challenges every day. Why not challenge yourself? It could be the best fun you have all year.

We rely on the support of individuals and corporate support to fund our work. Individuals and donors help Freedom in the Air deliver on its overall programme as well as specific projects and activities.

You can make a one-off donation to support our work. Following the changes in Gift Aid, it is even easier to give – simply make the donation for the full amount to Freedom in the Air, CIC.

What can Freedom in the Air do for your organisation?

  1. Provide opportunities for management and employees to develop their skills and understanding of equality and diversity
  2. Help you to provide life enhancing experiences for individuals that cannot access flight training, advice and guidance anywhere else
  3. Increase awareness of the therapeutic and life enhancing opportunities that flying can provide for disabled people
  4. Directly engage with and contribute to the social development of young people and adults in the communities within which you operate
  5. Increase community involvement in local projects
  6. Leverage measurable value from philanthropic contributions
  7. Enhance your reputation amongst graduates by demonstrating a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)