This Licence entitles you to act as Pilot in command of single engine piston aircraft registered in the EC carrying passengers on flights anywhere in the world. Habits developed during the first hours of Private Pilot Training are the making of a safe and proficient pilot. It is crucial that during these early stages instruction combines thorough preflight briefings and regular flights. Initial JAR Class 2 (private pilot) Medical Examination will be required prior to commencing the course and a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) class 2 medical certificate obtained.

You can begin the training without it, but in order to go Solo, students who require the use of the hand controls will need to undergo a Medical Flight check by a Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE). We work with several FIE nearby who would be happy to do this examination for you.

CAA, Aeromedical Certification, Safety Regulation Group, Aviation House, Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex, RH6 0YR, Visit their website

Course overview

You must complete a minimum of 45 flying hours of which not less than 25 hours must be with an Instructor and 10 hours must be as pilot in command. The remaining 10 hours can be a combination of dual and solo flying. As part of the course, you will experience:-

  • Flying with sole reference to instruments to recover from entering cloud
  • 5 hours of the solo cross-country with one flight of 150nm landing at 2 Airfields
  • 45 hours minimum instruction
  • 10 hr solo of which 5 hrs must be cross-country navigation
  • 9 theory exams
  • General skill test & Navigation test
  • Radio Telephony operators licence – written and practical exams
  • Require a Class 2 medical
  • Cost: £4500 ( based on 45 hours, study materials & pilot equipment  )

Lars gets his PPL