We will tailor a course to suit your needs – we can provide residential courses if that is what you require and will take care of all your needs prior to arrival. Each course is highly structured, and you will receive a course outline which integrates both ground and flight instruction. For each period of training, we use a syllabus with specific objectives, and your progress will frequently be stage checked by a senior flight instructor. Instruction is on a one-to-one basis to ensure that you receive the full benefit of our expertise, whatever your level of experience.

Private Pilots Licence, PPL

This Licence entitles you to act as Pilot in command of single engine piston aircraft registered in the EC carrying passengers on flights anywhere in the world. Habits developed during the first hours of Private Pilot Training are the making of a safe and proficient pilot. It is crucial that during these early stages instruction combines thorough preflight briefings and regular flights.

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NPPL Pilots Licence

The aim of the National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) is to devolve the regulation of some recreational flying to ‘Air Sports’ organisations. The licence itself is easier to obtain and easier to maintain than the standard JAR PPL.

Medically, this devolution means changing from an aviation medical examination system, using a network of specially qualified doctors, to a declaration of medical fitness by the pilot.

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This Rating enables the holder to instruct students to PPL standard. You must hold a Private Pilots Licence, PPL (A) with 150 hours Pilot in command (PIC) or hold a Commercial Pilots Licence, CPL (A) with 100 hours PIC and passed the CPL theoretical knowledge examinations

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If you would like a taste of what flying training is like, or simply want to experience a flight in a small aeroplane, where you will do much of the flying yourself! Trial flying lessons make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. They are also a good starting point for those considering undertaking a full Private Pilots License course.

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