A few days ago Phab and FITA Facebook page put on our first Phab Wings on Tour fly gig, at Manchester Barton Airfield. During summer 2018, we’ll tour the UK giving over 100 people with and without disabilities the chance to fly a light aircraft.

With funding coming from The Florian Trust, the tour will stop at Tatenhill (9th June), Redhill (23rd June) and Elstree (7th July) aerodromes in the UK.

At each airfield, we’ll be supported by a local flying school. At Barton, our flight crew were from LAC Flying School

“Flying a plane is better than going to the supermarket”, said Chloe, a young Phab Club member. Also attending the day was Jamie Lowbridge, who is visually impaired and hasn’t ever been on an aeroplane, let alone fly one. She takes control of the C172 under instruction from Andrew.