So I was born in 1978. I was Involved in a road accident when I was 2 years old. Hit by a car whilst crossing the road in the South of France on a family trip. Subsequently un-able to walk from a young age and as it turns out injured from upper chest paraplegic.

As a kid I was bought up around aviation. My Father flew several planes, among others, the yak 52 which he loved to share aerobatics in. Flying that, is what set the flying bug into something big.

Then after, Ultimately I new all I wanted to do was fly as an adult. One of my earliest memories of flying is when my Dad flew us over my primary school and we did a barrel roll.

Thanks to the help of your Freedom in the Air, I am now able to set the dream into motion and fly commercially by getting my Commercial Pilot Licence Rating. FITA was tremendous at providing the hand controls for the complex PA28R which is approved for the advanced training.

Until now, I’ve only been able to teach on micro lights. It is an accessible and fun sport and with the correct modifications and attitude – anything is possible for someone with disabilities.

The disability is ‘out the window’ and becomes a non issue. The world opens up and becomes a space of joy and freedom..and now thanks to FITA and the hand controls, I will be certified to teach the Private Pilots Licence course..

Ben Goodridge