This Rating enables the holder to instruct students to PPL standard. Additional experience and training are required to teach night ratings, instrument flying, aerobatics & commercial flight training. You must hold a PPL (A) with 150 hours Pilot in command or hold a CPL (A) with 100 hours PIC and passed the CPL theoretical knowledge examinations

Minimum requirements to commence course:

You will also have a minimum of 30 hours single engine piston aircraft of which 5 will have been flown within 6 months of starting the course.

You will have 10 hours instrument training 5 of which can be on the simulator.

You will have 20 hours of cross country flight as Pilot in command and have passed the pre-entry flight test with our Head of Training.


31 hours flight training comprising;

31 hours minimum dual instruction;

125 hours ground instruction / briefings

(55 hours briefings and lectures and 75 hours supervised self study)