Trial flying lessons make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. They are also a good starting point for those considering undertaking a full Private Pilots License course. If you would like a taste of what flying training is like, or simply want to experience a flight in a small aeroplane, where you will do much of the flying yourself!

A trial lesson is ideal for you. All trial lessons are conducted by one of our highly experienced, professionally licensed instructors who will provide a pre flight briefing, flying instruction and once back on the ground a full ground debrief and a signed certificate.

Your flight into the local area, perhaps somewhere near to where you live, or to see a local landmark, begins with a briefing on how aeroplanes fly followed by an explanation of the flight and engine controls and how they are used, and their effects on the aeroplane.

You will then take off on a flight which will take you on a journey over the local countryside.Afterwards you will be able to discuss your flight with your instructor who will answer any questions you may have about learning to fly.

Watch some video and media coverage from past flying experience days