Airfield Information for Pilots

Airfield ICAO – EGHS  Altitude – 180′ AMSL
Hours of operation for visiting aircraft;
  0900 – 1700 local  time (or sunset if earlier)
Henstridge radio 130.250;  Occasionally the radio is unmanned – continue and make blind calls as appropriate

Runways & Circuit Procedure

25 LH   Tarmac  750 x 26 metres
07 RH  Tarmac  728 x 26 metres (note displaced threshold)

Circuits;  All circuits to the South at 800’ QFE. See  detailed circuit info below.

Prices per litre; November 2017
Avgas 100LL £1.76 inc VAT
Avgas UL91 £1.76 inc VAT
Jet A-1 £0.85 inc VAT
Cash or card payments only paid to the airfield operator. No cheques

Circuit procedure:

Standard overhead joins are preferred. Both circuits have clearly identifiable lakes on the base / final turn.

Runway 25 – Left Hand Circuit.
The normal circuit turns base/final at the fishing lakes. There is an extended option for separation purposes shown clearly on the plan. However if used, please do not overfly the village of Fifehead Magdalen also shown on the map.

Runway 07 – Right Hand Circuit.
Do not overfly the avoid areas around Henstridge village or Higher Marsh. If possible keep the ponds on your left on base/final turn. Beware being blown towards the village on the final turn if the wind has a southerly component.

Noise abatement:

All pilots are reminded of the importance of adhering to our noise abatement protocol when joining and departing. “Avoid” areas are coloured pink/red on the noise abatement maps below. Please do  not  overfly these villages.  If possible make a left turn when departing from 25, keeping the Marsh Lane Fish ponds on your right. If you are landing on 07 keep the ponds on your left.

Noise abatement map from SkyDemon (valid Oct ’17)

Noise abatement map Ordnance Survey version