The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) sent FITA the supplement Type Certicate (STC) which approves the Union Aviation hand control for the C152. The Union is already approved for the C172 (4 seat) aeroplane. The C152 (2 seat) aeroplane is much cheaper to learn to train on and fly in then the 4 seater. The EASA STC for the Union on the C152 is approved in all 31 EASA member countries. We are very grateful to EASA for making this happen. Here you may download the current STC’s and Aeroplane flight manual supplement (AFM) for approved hand controls for disabled pilots.

Union control for Cessna

This controller is made specifically for the Cessna 172 aircraft, has helped many pilots with disabilities earn their licenses.

The control is designed to allow pilots to use the throttle, rudder, and brake with one hand while the other works the ailerons and elevator. Normally a ring is attached to the control; you place your right hand through the ring and use wrist movements to go left or right rudder and up for brakes, while holding the throttle.

The controller is designed to be readily removed from the aircraft, the pedal controlling structure being specifically designed for use by pilots unable to properly actuate rudder and/or rudder and brake controlling pedals with their feet.

Vision Air for Piper

This device developed and manufactured in Australia by Suzi Duncan. Its sole use is to allow full rudder authority on the ground and in the air, thus removing the need for legs and feet. We have developed our own techniques with regard to procedures or manoeuvres requiring physical multi-tasking.

The Vision Air hand controller for use by disabled pilots is a development of the American Blackwood hand controller. The hand controller resembles the Blackwood hand controller, except that the lever part is in two pieces. This allows the lower part to remain permanently attached to the vertical post of the left rudder on the right side of the aircraft, the pilot only needing to attach the upper half of the hand controller to the lower half using two pins to secure the connection, in order to use the controller.