Loop iPad is a brilliant aviation magazine. The team behind the creative content are thinking outside the box for what can be done with tech, apps but most importantly to give the reader the best experience possible. Loop have supported FITA in many ways. In the Dec issue of the magazine there is a feature about disabled pilot training. They naturally include our story in the general narrative about what disabled people can achieve through learning to fly.The article has embedded the video of our Ambassador Ade Adepitan’s first flying lesson. Sneak peak here

The first part of the feature about disabled aviation can be found in this magazine (the second part, also focusing on organisations, techniques and possibilities of flying for people with a physical disability, can be found in our next issue, #24, which will probably be live in a few weeks). Our Sister organisations Modifly is written about in the next issue

Haven’t read LOOP issue 23 yet? Then grab the iPad and start downloading via this link! In it, learn all about the ways in which general aviation has become more accessible for people with a disabilities and learn how Freedom in the Air make it happen. The magazine is FREE!!


For Further Information and to learn more about disabled pilot training, visit FITA at:

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