Well readers, it has been some time since i last wrote on this blog. i have been so focused on teh ground school that i have just not had the time because i have been so engaged with my studies. I am now studing Meteorology – it is so nice to learn about some apsects of this small planet we live on in terms of the physical georgraphy that is useful to aviation. I got an N at A-levels for geography. I hope o do better when i take the air met exam next monday or tuesday.

i have not done any flying for 3 weeks now which has been a great shame but the weather has been aweful. hopefully i will do some flying tomorrow with Anna who is a awesome pilot – check her site Sky Tricks on the links section.

The BDFA AGM was last saturday and it was terrific to learn more about the organisation and just how well run it is. I took my grandfather peter to it as he lives close to where they held it at Sywell aerodrome.

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