Polly Vacher is one of those remarkable people that we can all be inspired by. Certainly, I have been inspired by her achievements, courage and passion for aviation and helping good causes.

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Polly promotes Flying Scholarship for the Disabled and has flown many exciting advenutres around the world and from polo to pole. We went to see Polly at the weekend and interviewed her for our new Questions in the Air section called Freedom Video Magazine (FVM). We spoke at length for almost 2 hours. We could have spent more time with Polly as she has so much to share from all her experiences.

The edited interview should go live within the next 10 days. Before we left, Polly very kindly signed my copy of her book, Wings Around the Wold…until the video interview, here are some pics of our film crew and me with Polly….

Our wonderful film crew, Jenna is our producer who has worked tirelessly to set up the Freedom Video magazine strategy and our Director, Ross and incredibly gifted camera man Jenk from Turkey…

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