Questions in Air :-
Jonny Vale is a music and band manager. He currently manages The Charlatans & Mogwai for Creation Management. He was the person who first introduced me to the Music Industry by getting me a learnership with Jack Stevens for Hijack Records. I have known Jonny since we were 13 years old as we went to the same boarding. I shall always remember a great week I had with him when he lived in Madrid..

1. Who or what influenced you to have a career with music?

It was just a love of music. Its always been one of the most important things in my life. From my early teens I wore headphones constantly and would go to independent record shops every weekend.

2. What is your current work and are you enjoying it?

I am working for a music management company at the moment. It’s a great job im very fortunate.

3. What is your most memorable gig and why?

Busta Rhymes @ Hammersmith Apollo. It was the most entertaining show i’ve seen. Most hip hop acts just plug in a mic and a pair of turntables and run through their album. Busta had created a really entertaining act. He’s got a lot of energy and is a great performer. Orbital at Phoenix Festival was also amazing and Mogwai @ Royal Albert Hall.

4. Do you like classical music

Who doesn’t.

5. What is your favorite genre of music and who are you heroes in music

Hip Hop. I wouldn’t call them heroes (like the song goes “Thou Shalt Not Put Musicians And Recording Artists On Ridiculous Pedestals”) but the artists I respect are Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Edan, Mos Def and Bob Marley to name a few.

6. Do you like flying and have you ever flown a stunt plane? If not then come fly with me in our Bulldog if you like high energy rock n roll and high octane sports activity you will LOVE aerobatics.

I have a moderate fear of flying.

7. What are you thoughts to the British disabled flying association – ?

Flying is overrated but each to their own

8. What is your ideal example of your perfect day

Going to a music festival on a hot sunny day.

9. What meaningful things do you do that give you satisfaction?

Good question.

10. What is your favorite restaurant

Don Zoko, Kingly Street, London

11. Where would you live in the world if you could and why?

London. It has everything you need except nice weather.

12. What sport do you participate in and enjoy watching

Kung Fu and Kung Fu films.

13. who is your football team and how are they doing

Charlton. Badly.

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