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6th August – Flying

Today I arrived at Cranfield Airport EGTC, by myself this week. Mum didn’t come but that was alright. My flight was nice and early, and me and Maciej went to Sibson, after finally seeing the runway until the very last minute, I was glad that Maciej was doing the landing and taking off as there are trees one end and electricity pylons the other. It takes a great amount of skill by the looks of things to be able to land or take off here.

I spoke to the tower for the first time, and I was genuinely worried that I’d say something wrong, however I said it all loud and clear and they replied to me pretty quick!  I’m getting the hang of taxiing a bit better now, even though the right brake didn’t work on the aeroplane we were in so I thought I’d broke the plane!

Today we worked on when entering into a climb and levelling off from one, it was all new to me, I’d read about it in the book but I was glad to get in the air and try for myself!

Things like PAT and APT are starting to make sense to me now, because I’m actually doing it during a flight and not just reading about it.

7th August – Day two of flying

So first thing this morning I arrive at Cranfield, still half asleep because I set my alarm an hour early, never mind! I was briefed by Dan we reviewed climbing and descending and then worked on staying on the same heading, as well practicing the approach to landings. It was fun, getting lower and lower to the M1 I hope I didn’t scare anyone driving.

I love being the air, it really thrills me, and I’m very grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to be able to get a license and “add another string to my bow” as they say.  I think I have got a lot more confidence since when I met everyone on the first day, its nice to see the same faces, and talk to other pilots about their experiences as well.

This afternoon I went out with Michael, and we worked on turning at 30 degrees, which is actually quite steep! I spoke to the tower again, to confirm take off etc. I actually enjoyed it a bit more today, after rehearsing what I’d say to the tower to Michael. That was a good lesson; I learnt a good lot of technique and what instrument to look at when doing it etc.

Cant wait for next week! It shall be good. I’ve been reading all week, and done two practise exam papers but I don’t think anything id sinking in, I scored low on the test papers, but at least I know where I am and what I need to work on.

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