I spent the later part of yesterday (Friday) at Lasham doing a photoshoot for a local print media and studying Met. Once the feature is printed i shall of course scan it and place it in the media section. Channel 5 news called me yesterday to talk about the experiment video blog i had done for them. fingers crossed they will develop this idea further with me.


I met another brilliant person yesterday at Lasham and we chatted about all things aviation. The great thing about the weather yesterday in particular the cloud from lasham was that it changed every 25 mins or so. I sat there for maybe 4 hrs with my study material and every time i looked up across teh sky, i would acknowledge a different cloud patter, front or wind speeds. it is very hard to to visual the 3 dimensional concept of the world and weather / climate patterns from reading and looking at 2 dim drawings. thus being outside and looking at the world whilst studying was a very cinducive way for me to get a graps on air masses/ fronts, occlusions, convergence and diveregnce flow of air – as i was learning about yesterday. so to end my productive day yesterady, i sat with Anna and Peter who gave me a very useful web address to do with weather – it is WEATHER JACK – use this to cross check what the info on met and met brief websites. it is created by a pilot with vast experience and there are bits of information available which you would not get in other places unless you register for it…give weatherjack your time when you want to learn about what the weather is doing.

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